Humanity dies out on a Thursday evening

9 people decided to grace KBK on a Thursday evening and 6 of us, myself included, jumped into an aging Battlestar while the 3 others set sail for the coast of Goa.
On board the Battlestar I play the role of good old Gaius (what can I say, I like the egocentric, self preserving old bugger) and the first half of our escape just flies away (pun intended). It seems clear, or at least likely, that no cylons are actively hindering our progress and we fight off the initial crisis and minor skirmishes with little trouble. The sleeper phase comes and Boomer is placed in the brig, which is probably just as good since she’s likely to be a toaster (which in fact she was). We are close to (what we believe will be) the second to last jump. Certainly we’ll cruise to a quick and sure victory, not exactly… The remaining cylon manages through some quite shrewd manipulation to land 2 of the humans in the brig all the while draining our supply of skills. Despite a flurry of quorum card, brigging and releasing people, the population is suddenly skydiving and humanity perishes without so much as a footnote in history, countless light years from Earth.

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